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For a more thorough review of lab manual topics, click here.

The following table of items is the closest thing we have to an index for the lab manual.

Additional review material for quizzes, problem sets and exams can be found in the list of terms in Appendix W and the practice questions and problems in Appendices X, Y and Z. Answers and solutions are provided on the web (for you to check yours!) as indicated here. Important terms and concepts not dealt with thoroughly in the manual are detailed here, and some "thought questions" any thoughtful 102 graduate should be able to answer correctly are here.


General terms and directionsAppendix A and page 5
Smear preparationpage 114
Saving/keeping slides with stained smearspage 4 (footnote)
Wet mount preparationpage 5
Gram stain (including "gram-variability")page 146
Light microscope (for stained smears)Microscope Handout and page 112
Phase microscope (for wet mounts)as explained by instructor

Summaries of Important Terminology:

General physiology and nutritionAppendix D and intro. to Exp. 5.1
Cell vs. CFU vs. colonypage 1 and here
Proper usage of terms and namespage 149
Cellular morphology and arrangementpage 36
Energy & carbon sources (classification)pages 123-124
Oxygen relationships (classification)pages 15-17 and here
Culture media (classification)page 126

Microbial Quantitation and Practice Problems:

Dilution theory from the beginningClick here.
Dilution platingAppendix C
General practice problemspages 122 (example 2) and 168-169 (nos. 1-8)
Practice problems for specific experimentspages 170-171
Most-probable number (MPN) methodpage 96

Other Basic Items:

See our pages concerning differential media, enrichment & isolation, and identification.
Basic Aseptic TechniqueAppendix B
Streak-platingpages 116-117
Enrichment and isolationpage 54
Identification of bacteriapage 29 (See also Bergey's Manual)
Detection of fermentationpage 143
Glucose O/F Mediumpage 17
Catalase and oxidase testspages 143-144
Reading Motility Mediumpage 32 (step 3b)

And don't forget:

CLEANING UPpage viii

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